Numark DM 1050
Numark DM 1050

DM 1050, 2-Channel Mixer from Numark in the DM series.

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johnrae 21/06/2012

Numark DM 1050 : la opinión de johnrae (content in English)

"A Very Simple Mixer"

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The Numark Dm1050 is a entry level mixer, great for a beginning DJ who could be easily overwhelmed by loads of equipment and buttons and lights. This unit is incredibly simpe and has very few bells and whistles. It has 2 phono/line switchable inputs 2 line inputs and one mic input, Master and record outputs, 3-band EQ and gain on each channel, EQ on mic channel, Master and PFL metering, Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control, and Slider-style cueing. It's very simple to set up and operate and has a very minimalistic and open design. There's plenty of space for your fingers an everything is clearly labeled and functional.


The unit is easy to set up and fits perfectly a pair of Numark TT1625 Turntables. It's pretty easy to get everything hooked up and working, only took about 15 minutes. I have used this everyday for practice for nearly six months without a single problem. The crossfader is smooth an the knobs give a good resistance. The EQ is actually pretty good too, nothing high end but still, pretty good for the price. I have heard complaints about the crossfader breaking, but I haven't had a single problem with it after heavy use for 5 months.


The unit is very quiet, and doesn't affect the sound of the vinyl at all (other than the EQ). It doesn't hum or hiss or have any crackly pots or sliders. Everything has held up over 6 months of heavy daily use. The EQ sounds pretty good, though it lacks High Mid Bass cut switches. Operation of the mixer is very simple and everything is laid out very well.


Overall, I would definitely recommend this mixer to a beginner DJ. I wouldn't really use it for performance, though you could if you wanted. It's a little hard to see in the dark so not really suited to clubs etc. It's perfect for a practice setup though, or even backup mixer just in case some idiot spills his beer on your good one.