Reloop IQ2 MIDI
Reloop IQ2 MIDI

IQ2 MIDI, 2-Channel Mixer from Reloop.

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Bronxio 17/12/2015

Reloop IQ2 MIDI : la opinión de Bronxio

"Good features, poor components"

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I bought it because it has enough features for what I wanted, but they say it's "free-noise"... and realized that it's not that "free-noise".

It makes some little click and white noise when a fader opens an analog input (the same problem than this guy shows here Besides, there's a high-pitched noise in the rec output and in the cue headphones. And, if echo FX is activated and cut the sound with the crossfader, the sound continues on headphones on the left channel until the crossfader is opened again for half a second more or less.

And I already know this, but I'll warn to anyone who believe something wrong: it has a internal sound card, yes; but it's not DVS capable (can get analog input to the computer, but not get from the computer a decoded signal from the software at the same time).

I only would recommend it just for practising (it has nice features), but not for any serious recording or live event. I'll get a Denon DN-X600, that has basically the same features, but DVS capable and seems to have better components and be a better building.

I got it yesterday... Tomorrow I'll return it back to the shop. The guy from the video changed it two times and give it up too.