Korg nanoKEY
Korg nanoKEY

nanoKEY, 25-Key MIDI Keyboard from Korg belonging to the nanoKEY model.

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ericthegreat 13/01/2012

Korg nanoKEY : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)


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The Korg Nano Key is a great midi keyboard. Korg always brings some of the best midi keyboards on the Market. After using the Axiom 61, I didn’t think that the mini would have much for me. But I gave it a chance and its great, this midi keyboard is very small and portable. I packed it right in my laptop bag with my laptop and had my production studio go anywhere that I went. On the Nano, there aren’t knobs and sliders that you can use to sync with your software to automate certain things. That is really the only thing that is missing from the mini that is on most other models that Korg creates.


Even though this is a small midi controller its still very sturdy and holds up great. Its all plastic but still holds its own weight. I didn’t even have to load the drivers. I just plugged it in via usb and it automatically was recognized by my windows computer and was ready to use in Cubase and Fl Studio. But if you need to load the disk up to get your drivers in you can and will have no problem doing so. Even if you need to update your drivers M Audio makes it extremely easy to do so on their website you can go on there and update the drivers for free anytime you wish for any of the products that they create.


Overall this is worth it, the price is affordable and all producers need a midi keyboard that can be hooked up with usb or with midi cables. You can take this with you anywhere and have your studio on hand no matter where you are so when inspiration hits you are prepared to start creating on the spot. This little midi controller is well worth it.