Gemini DJ UMX-9
Gemini DJ UMX-9

UMX-9, 3-Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Gemini DJ UMX-9 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Highs, mids, low and pans for all three channels. my only complain is the third channel... it can only be one of the following mic/cd/3rd turntable, so if you're using 3 decks NO MIC. Faders and cross fader are top of the line, rotary adjustable cross-fader is much sharper than 3 position input faders. No sampler, no "effects" just mix and scratch!

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XLR or RCA out, master out, booth out and record out, FIRST CLASS.

Output sound plenty good to hook up to an amplifier for gigs, this mixer is a lot better that it appears, and i have no idea why gemini is discontinuing the umx mixers. I bought an ex-26 and it's non-vca input faders lasted me one freaking month! HOWEVER the umx-5, umx-7 and umx-9 are the real deal if you ask me!


VCA fader and VCA input faders, top notch, have been using a umx-9 for over a year. Headphone slider picks up some static at the extreme ends when repositioning it, but you don't need to slide it whatsoever to change headphone channels.


I bought a UMX-7 (since w/a mic i had no third channel with a UMX-9) and old room-mate uses UMX-9 (which still works perfect). Best mixers under $150 USD PERIOD and just as many features than stanton and vestax mixers.

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