Gemini DJ PS-676i
Gemini DJ PS-676i

PS-676i, 4+ Channel Mixer from Gemini DJ.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Gemini DJ PS-676i : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Comes with a 12 second looping digital sampler which was instrumental in my purchase. it was pretty easy to figure out and get to grips with, but the sound quality of the sampler isn't up to scratch. the loops can sound OK but can really lack bass. it's not what I had hoped for and wouldn't recommend buying it for the sampler. the cue controls are good. the three line inputs are good. it has booth, master, and record output, which is handy. the bass, mid, treble controls don't go to minus infinity so for me it really lacks kill switches.

Price paid: £175


Very easy to figure out and has pretty good layout. except the range controls are a little to close together so manipulation of say bass and mid is difficult, but not impossible. as I said the sampler is pretty easy to use. the manual wlaks you right through it all


I haven't run it through a power amp yet, but have read somewhere that it isn't great and may hiss a little. in my bedroom setup it's pretty good.


I'm dissapointed with the quality of the mixer which started playing up in within three months. I took it to peices and cleaned it and got another two months, but the next time I tried one of the clips snapped off. so I've a feeling if I try again that'll be it finished. I don't really know how long a mixer should last but I hoped for more than that (and have had more in other mixers). Also the phono/line switches, which I use alot for effect, crackle a bit. I haven't contacted gemini, but now that I think about it, I might.

I really like it. I do miss the kill switches on my old numark, and sometimes the quality gets me down a bit, but I think thats me being nitpicky and don't think anyone who listens or has a mix would really notice. I'm think about upgrading, but probably a year in advance. and I'll be moving right up into the next price bracket looking for much superior quality (sound and build) but for the under £200 price range I'm really happy with what I got

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