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Dj Sne 08/09/2011

Rodec BX-9 : la opinión de Dj Sne (content in English)

"Sound Quality!"

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After have bought this mixer and used it for a couple of days im really disapointed with the eq. Its not possible to kill what so ever. All channels leak. How is this possible? A mixer with a pricetag that is around 600 euros??? Rodec uses the words "small mx 180", what? Ive played the Mx 180 alot and the difference on the eq is not compareable at all. The Bx 9 has a great warm sound, but...the eq kills the feeling totally. Disapointed!? Yes, 100%
If you need a working eq, you better buy any mixer on the market. You can get a mixer with working eq for 100 euros.


No problem installing


Sound quality good, eq = soooo bad...


Soundquality is warm and nice
Knobs are a bit to close
Eq is a disaster