Technics SH-MZ1200
Technics SH-MZ1200

SH-MZ1200, 4+ Channel Mixer from Technics.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Technics SH-MZ1200 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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This mixer is a solid 4 channel 19" rackmountable mixer. It features an assignable crossfader, 3 band EQ per input, and gain control. Another feature this mixer has are kill switches for Low, Mid, & High on each side of the crossfader, and it also has momentary kills on the main output. Each input channel is switchable between line and phono. Giving you inputs for up to 4 line devices and 4 turntables. There is also an input for one microphone and this input also has its own EQ and gain section. Plenty of outputs on this mixer, there are balanced main and monitor outs 1/4", balanced main and monitor outs (XLR), RCA main and monitor outs, and last but not least one RCA record output. This mixer also has send returns (1/4") for connecting an external effects box in. All inputs and outputs are gold plated! Headphone output is loud, there is a mix control for blending between main out and cued source. There is a cue source select knob that allows for selecting all 4 channels individually or all 4 + mic at once. This mixer has everything you'll ever need without the bells and whistles that sound cheesy or that probably would go unused. The only thing i wish this mixer had was a crossfader curve adjustment. heres a pic:



Yeah theres a manual, but if you need to read it to figure this mixer out then you should be going back to DJ school 101.

Solid as a Rock this thing feels like a tank, just like their turntables. Its evident that Technics only puts its name behind quality equipment. It should be noted that the mixer does come with a spare input fader and spare crossfader inside the mixer in the event that you need to replace one. Nice touch in my opinion.


I found the sound quality to be top notch, the EQ's were smooth and effective. The kills were actually full kills...all three EQ bands killed = no sound. The input faders were smooth as butter and crystal clear. The Crossfader featured a sharp cut, i was told this is the same crossfader they used in the first series SCRATCH mixer they put out. So potentially you could scratch on this mixer with ease. I however would have like a crossfade curve adjustment since this mixer is geared more for club applications (ie Dance music), so the sharp cut took a few mixes to adjust to. I have played on all the pioneer mixers, the tascam X-9 and just about all the Vestax mixers. I would say This mixer sounds as good if not better then all of those mixers , but falls a bit short when compared to an A&H or Rane.


I love this mixer, its basic and to the point, built like a tank and sounds good. If you want external effects or sampler then go external you'll get better quality that way. I would recommend this mixer to anyone who is also looking at the Rane or Pioneer club mixers. PLEASE NOTE: I listed my purchase price as $399. This was a special discount price i got from Apparantly they aren't going to be carrying this mixer any longer and are planning to clear out there inventory. Try there first to see if you can get that same price i did. I have searched high and wide on the net and have yet to find this mixer anywhere else for less then $699. The list price on it is $1200. I don't understand why Technics isn't advertising and pushing this mixer more?!?!? Its a great piece get one while you can.

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