M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)
M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver)

Oxygen 49 (Silver), 49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Oxygen (Silver) model.

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Azuma 25/02/2013

M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Silver) : la opinión de Azuma (content in English)

"Cheap yet useful! "

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What features motivated my choice was the 49 keys velocity sensitive , the mod wheels , the mixer build-in , the direct link provided with the product itself.

It has both type of connections , midi and pedal.


The general configuration and setup is fast , if your daw is compatible with the Direct Link mode provided by the M-audio series , you just connect your midi controller and you'll have it connected due to this great connection type.

The manual is consistent of good information and different types of tips and tricks useful.

The patch selection is very easy and fast.

The general configuration and setup as I mentioned is very easy , this type of product may be even used by children , it's very straight forwarded.


What I like most about it how cheap this product is , yet however the material which is made of is consistent , looks quite good , I like how the keys feel , I like the full daw support and the Direct Link mode which is such a great feature.

I like the way this midi controller is designed and that it requires a lot of space , so it's quite portable.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , I really think this is probably one of the best deals you could get for such an amount of money , this product combines great features with a cheap pocket , this product can be bought on amazon for just 120 $.

Precision and quality of the sound is very good , everything works as it should be on a pro level.
This product is used world wide even in top studios , the only bad thing about this product is that it doesn't have a drum pad , but no worries you can use the keys as a main drum pad.

Knowing what I know, I would buy this product again.