Marshall 1960BV
Marshall 1960BV

1960BV, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from Marshall.

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severinsteel 23/06/2012

Marshall 1960BV : la opinión de severinsteel (content in English)

"Very underrated cab"

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Ok, so Marshall 1960A cabs are literally everywhere. You can find them in probably every major city in the world. But, the 1960B cabs are a lot less prevalent for some reason. I actually much prefer the B cabs because of their straight baffle. They tend to sound a little bit beefier and less piercing. The standard B cabs come with G12T75's which tend to work well with the mid heavy voicing of most Marshalls, but the BV cabs are where it's at! the V in BV stands for Vintage, and that is referring to the Celestion Vintage 30; probably the most popular speaker in rock. They are just very versatile speakers in general. Sounds quality is top notch. Marshall cabs might be a little looser than say a Mesa Rectifier cab, but really they sound great.

My only gripe about Marshall cabs is construction wise. But, I'm not talking about general cab constructions. They do cut corners a bit with the particle board back, but that's not a huge deal. The handles, corners, casters, and switch-plate are all cheap. There is no excuse for this on a 1k cab.

The great thing about Marshall cabs is that you can find them for dirt cheap. There are so many that you can literally buy them for $200 if you find the right cab.

Not the best cab out there, but it does the job very very well.