Akai MPK88
Akai MPK88

MPK88, 88-Key MIDI Keyboard from Akai in the MPK series.

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JeffTadashi 28/04/2012

Akai MPK88 : la opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Great MIDI Controller for Pianists"

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This is one of the few keyboard MIDI controllers that has it all! 88 fully-weighted hammer action keys, drum pads, sliders, knobs, buttons, mod and pitch wheels, external pedals and expressions, just to name the basics. With an easy to read LCD display, you can program everything easily from the keyboard itself. It has many additional functions such as keyboard split, arpeggiator, drum repeating, transport controls, and tap tempo, which can all be useful (or not useful) depending on the specific application. Luckily, the keyboard is very customizable: you can use the drum pads to change program channels, for instance.

I made a legitimate joke to my friends: This is the largest usb-powered device ever. Just plug it to your computer with usb, and it's ready to go. Only additional connection I need is to plug in my sustain pedal.


Given all of the controls and functions on this keyboard, it is relatively easy to program and use, provided that you are familiar with the basics of MIDI. In the edit mode, you simple need to move a knob or press the corresponding function button or pad in order to edit it's parameters..it's very intuitive.

There's also a program change mode that lets you send program change commands, but I find it too slow for when I use the keyboard for live shows. Instead, I program the eight buttons to quickly switch to programs 1-8.

In the preset mode, you can save the entire layout of the keyboard setup in dozens of different presets. Useful if you are using the keyboard for two entirely different purposes, but I find that one master setup works for all of my live and studio applications.


There are seemingly very few hammer action MIDI controllers out there, but if you are piano player like me, that utilizes a computer setup, and does synthesizer work as well, this keyboard is nearly perfect. A bit pricey for a keyboard that has no sound engine, but it is elegant, versatile, professional, and simple to use. I just wished it wasn't so heavy to carry around (almost 70 lbs!)