Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E
Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E

John Lennon EJ-160E, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Epiphone in the EJ series.

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moosers 10/01/2010

Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E is an acoustic/electric guitar and is Epiphone's cheaper version of the Gibson J160E.  I believe that this guitar has both been made in China and Korea, but the one that I have played and recorded with was made in Korea.  The guitar has a built in pick up, with tone and volume control knobs on the outside of the guitar.  I don't know what types of woods the guitar is made from, but through and through the guitar feels like it has been made well.


Playing the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E is an easy task, as the neck has a good feeling on the fingers and I generally feel good when I have it in my hands.  The guitar is easy to play up and down the neck, although like on most acoustic guitars it is a bit difficult to play way up on the top frets.  The weight of the guitar is about average, while the shape and style is anything but average as it has a really nice look to it.  It does have a pretty standard dreadnought style shape though.  Getting a nice sound isn't hard granted that you know how to play, but I definitely like the sound of it acoustic more than I do when it is plugged in, as the pick up isn't the best in the world.


The acoustic sound of the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E is extremely bright while at the same time maintaining a full bodied tone.  Of course it doesn't have the same fullness and clarity that the Gibson J160E does, but most guitars don't as that guitar has one of the best tones I've heard from an acoustic guitar.  As far as recording with this guitar goes, I've been able to get some pretty nice tones, but it wouldn't be my go to acoustic guitar for recording.  However, for live shows the Epiphone EJ-160E is really the perfect acoustic guitar as it has a good enough sound plugged in and has a stellar look.


Even for those who aren't a fan of John Lennon, the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E should be pleasing to you as it is simply a good reasonably priced acoustic guitar.  Beyond the awesome look, the guitar is easy to play and has a pretty good sound both acoustic and when plugged in, although it is definitely better when played just acoustically.  The price is mid range, making it perfect for the player who wants a nice acoustic guitar but may not have the money to get a top tier guitar.  Based upon looks alone this is a sweet guitar, but the Epiphone John Lennon EJ-160E passes way beyond that...