Gibson J-45 Rosewood
Gibson J-45 Rosewood
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bpmccauley1 16/10/2008

Gibson J-45 Rosewood : la opinión de bpmccauley1 (content in English)


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This guitar is great. It comes with a transducer pick-up and an ebony fretborad. There are no settings on this guitar, just plug and play, and really you don't need any. This guitar sounds great right out of the box. The neck is very playable and feels great.


This guitar has a great body shape and is a bit smaller than most. The rounded instead of square shoulders give it a great feel and it is very comfortable to play. The sound is absolutely amazing. The bass, mids, and highs are all very well balanced and all can be plainly heard. I've never played a guitar that sounds like this one.


I'm an acousitc player and this guitar is the top of the line as far as I am concerned. I run it through either my Crate Gunnison amp or my PA. With both I get and incredible sound with no adjustments at all. Set everything to zero and play, this guitar sounds that good right out of the box. I've found that messing with different settings is a waste of time with this guitar. It sounds so clean, clear, and just as in your face as an acoustic can get. To be honest you might not even need to plug it in if you are just playing a coffee shop show or something kind of small. This guitar has a very powerful, projecting sound.


There is nothing at all that I don't like about this guitar, it feels great, plays great, and sounds great. Not to mention it's very easy on the eyes as well. I've played alot of acoustic guitars in my day and this one is by far the best I've ever played, hands down.
This is however an expensive guitar, you are going to pay about $2400 for it new. If you have that kind of money for a guitar this is your baby. I have no reservations about the price this guitar is definitely worth it.