Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC
Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC

Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Gibson in the Songwriter series.

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SonicPulverizer 06/01/2013

Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio EC : la opinión de SonicPulverizer (content in English)

"Beautiful unplugged sound"

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The Gibson Songwriter Studio EC is a lot of guitar. The woods used are sitka spruce for the top and Indian rosewood for the back and sides. The 25 and a half inch scale neck is solid mahogany. The Songwriter studio EC has, of course, onboard electronics and a cutaway. It is equipped with a Fishman plus-T pickup system. The features are pretty much standard fare, but what really sets this guitar apart is the attention to detail with it's aesthetics. The top is adorned with an ebony mustache bridge, a brilliant abalone filled rosette, and a stylized pick guard that is boldly Gibson by design. The neck's classic paralellogram inlays lead up to a beautiful natural mahogany headstock, emblazoned with the Gibson crown.


The Songwriter EC's cutaway gives ample maneuverability to the higher registers. The neck feels ok, it can be a bit grippy at times and can hinder quick passages. I thoroughly enjoyed the large body shape, it projected extremely well and provided additional bass that I typically do not experience in other spruce topped guitars. The tuning stability was very strong, I never had to touch the tuning pegs unless I was intending to change to DADGAD, etc.


I played the gibson both unplugged and amplified, alternating between finger style playing and using a plectrum.

The particular guitar I played was very resonant. There was a definite feeling of satisfaction from just strumming simple chord progressions. Despite the neck being a little cumbersome, I found it very easy to adjust to and get through more complicated passages. The loud and boomy low end of this guitar lends itself very well to unaccompanied performance, easily filling a room with a warm, full bodied sound. I enjoyed the sound of the onboard Fishman system, It was not the best I've experienced, but certainly passable.


If you want a large dreadnought with plenty of warm low end and resonance, the Gibson Songwriter series is definitely for you. The sound quality and attention to detail, especially considering the hand scalloped bracing incorporated into it's design, justifies the $2500 new price alone. These are common on the used market, though prices vary greatly.