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RickD 16/04/2008

Norman B15 : la opinión de RickD (content in English)


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- In What Country was it made? (USA, Japan, Mexico, France...)
Like Seagull and various other brands, Norman is basically Godin, so Canadian/US.

This is just a regular dreadnought, but it has a fairly large body and a very thin varnish, so the guitar has bass, it's dynamic (loud when needed) and the top let's the sound through thanks to that thin varnish, something you won't get on most guitars (especially not the black ones with the thick paint...).

The finish is nothing fancy but i really like that basic feel, without being rough: it's not trying to look fancy, and it sounds 'honest'. No messin around!


The neck is ok, although if you want a really easy guitar to play you might want to try a £2000 Taylor... ;-) This is ok, though. The frets on mine were getting worn and it was so expensive to replace them that it was cheaper to change the guitar...!

The neck is quite wide, with jumbo frets. Forget about accessing the higher notes on this one. Norman do cutaway guitars too but they're probably not quite so loud...

The body is quite wide so it can be a little uncomfortable to play when sitting down...


Thanks to the wide body and thin varnish, and choice of woods, this guitar has a very well balanced sound: plenty of bass, of treble and of mids.
Might sound like something you would take for granted but from my experience this isn't often the case. A lot of guitars have no bass or treble and sound aggressive. This one sounds great for pop rhythm, and if you're good enough you can probably get away with a nice solo too, although i haven't really done that much on this one.


Overall, this is not the best guitar in the world, as you would expect from its price, but i've heard plenty of much more expensive guitars sound nasty next to this.
If you can find a second hand one of these that is in good nick, go for it.

Recorded lots of stuff with this, it sounds great.
Few people know Norman but, well, let's put it like this: when i sold my B-15, i got a B-18 and a B-20 12 string. ;-) Get my drift? These guitars don't sound like a Yamaha or a Takamine, they sound like Norman. Not ideal for everything but they have personality.