Yamaha FX310
Yamaha FX310

FX310, Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar from Yamaha in the FX series.

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JackLudden 09/08/2008

Yamaha FX310 : la opinión de JackLudden (content in English)


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This acoustic/Electric guitar was made to Yamaha spec in Indonesia. It is a 20 fret guitar. The bridge is that type you often see with the small plastic pegs that you insert to lock the string beads in place. There is a simple panel on the side for the electric properties - a slider to control volume, bass, and treble. There is also a button you can press to check the battery level. I've had the same battery in it for about 3 years, so they last a long time. I'm not sure of the wood type on the neck, but it's a dark hardwood - likely nothing special.


I feel that this guitar plays very well. Some acoustics can be quite fatiguing to the fingers, but I can play this one for a long time with no trouble. It does seem quite ergonomic and comfortable. There is no cut-out, so access to the top frets is a little bit troublesome, but honestly they don't get used all that much so it's not a big deal. The overall sound of this guitar is fair. It does have that slightly hollow sound you hear on cheaper acoustic guitars, and a lessened sustain. Whereas on a nice Martin you'd have a lot of sparkle, warmth, and nice overtones, those sounds are definitely underrepresented on this instrument. As for the sound of the pickup, well, it sounds like most acoustic/electric pickups do: not very good. The pickup imparts that identifiable sound of DI acoustic guitar, which sounds fake and plasticky somehow, with even less warmth than the guitar has to begin with.


I keep it in my studio, so some musicians like to use it for some songs. It typically is not used for anything where the guitar is very clearly heard and prominent, because the sound of it is not wonderfully full on its own. However, in a pop mix, you're not using its full spectrum anyway, so it ends up sounding just fine. You can use this with any guitar amp because of the pickup, but I wouldnt recommend it as it doesnt sound very good - you're better off mic'ing the instrument if possible.


I've been using this guitar for about 6 years. I like the ease of play and how comfortable it is play it, although the sound quality when it's by itself is a bit lacking in the highs and lows/low-mids. I've played many acoustic guitars. The guitar is not that expensive,so it certainly is a good value for a beginner guitarist, or someone looking to just have additional options for guitars. This guitar is best suited for playing with an ensemble where it doesn't have to provide the full spectrum. If that's all you need - then this guitar will serve just fine. And again, it does feel good to play. I might buy it again, but then I might not. It's just a bit above average.