Hanika BasisCut PF
Hanika BasisCut PF
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phraseland 04/12/2008

Hanika BasisCut PF : la opinión de phraseland (content in English)


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The guitar I am reviewing is actually the Hanika 50PF - which is very similar to this model. The main difference is the cutaway and the pickup system (which is a very good AER System). Also the Basic Cut PF comes with a nice gig bag and you can choose a smaller neck. Usually they are 50mm but it is also possible to go down to 48mm (for electric guitar players). Note that this Basic Cut costs about twice as much and if you don't need a cutaway (who needs that anyway on an acoustic guitar?) or a slimmer neck it might be more cost efficient to have a pickup built into the 50PF

The 50PF model has a 52mm nut and is built as a classical concert guitar. The top is made of Spruce and the body is made of rosewood - everything is fully massive. Neck and bridge are also made of rosewood. The guitar is built in Germany and even though it is an entry level guitar this is not a cheap one. Basically you will pay the €500 - €600 for a professional guitar that is trimmed down wherever possible. So insted of buying an instrument that looks great but is built of inferior materials you get the best materials and construction with very little ornaments and binding instead. The Hanika 50 Series wants to sound good above all!

A lot of players do also find the look quite pleasing. This instrument will get better over the years and will not become obsolete. It plays like a much more expensive instrument and if you can afford it I would always recommend these over competitors like Alhambra, Höfner, Ruben or other popular brands.


The guitar is a classical guitar and has all the basic measurements (65cm scale, 52mm nut, classic body, etc.). The Rubner tuners are very good and keep the instrument nicely in tune. A lot of Spanish guitars up to twice the price are still being sold with terrible tuners!


The sound of Hanika is very classical but not quite as warm as the Spanish guitars. It has a more modern sound that also allows for more modern compositions and songs to be played. It works very well with high tension strings. I have heard from customers at the store I worked at that they like the warmer 'Spanish' sound better. I think though this is a matter of taste and not objective quality. The Hanika is a very good sounding guitar (especially for the price) and it deserves to get a 10 for this.


About seven years ago Hanika Guitars was passed on a generation and Armin Hanika has given his models a more modern look. The quality is of the highest standard and if you can (or want to) afford it I would definately recommend this instrument over any other nylon string guitar in this price range. I worked in a guitar store for over five years and have never had any problems with this brand!