Ovation AE35-4
Ovation AE35-4

AE35-4, Acoustic-electric resonator guitar from Ovation in the Applause series.

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StarSailor12 23/10/2013

Ovation AE35-4 : la opinión de StarSailor12 (content in English)

"Love this guitar!"

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Made in China
20 Frets
Pinless bridge
Has Ovation OP4B pickup/pre-amp.
Set Neck


I find this has a wonderful sound. I've always been impressed with Ovation's deep-bowl 12-strings. They are the perfect marriage of science and art. They project well with clearly articulated notes across the spectrum. The lows are not muddy and the highs sparkle without sounding tinny.
Because this is a non-cutaway body, one does not have easy access to the upper frets. I do not see this as a problem since I very seldom play higher than the seventh fret.


I primarily play this as an acoustic, but occasionally run it through a sound board when gigging. If I am using my soundboard, I run it through a Zoom A2 pedal, and then into a dual i/o DI box and from there, into a Peavey XR1212P, using two of the channels and panning one full left and the other full right to take advantage of the stereo FX. Usually I try for a clean sound, but occasionally will use delay and/or flanging/phasing. This combination is perfect for a sound I prefer to call "Psychedelic Country Gospel."


Features I like most: the sound, the electronics, the pinless bridge, the deep bowl, non-cutaway body design.
This has no features I dislike.
I've been playing guitar for over 40 years and 12-string for over 35 of those years. In that time I've owned six other 12-strings and tried over two dozen others ranging from high-end models by Taylor, Guild, and Martin, to intermediate-priced offerings from Conn, Alvarez, Guild, and Ovation, to student-priced models such as Ibanez, Dean, Fender, Yamaha, Samick, and Epiphone.
The only other guitars I've played which match this for sound were a Guild F-412 and an Ovation AA35 [the acoustic-only predecessor to this model].
Knowing what I know now, I would still buy this guitar without any regrets.