EON 518S, Active subwoofer from JBL in the EON 500 series.

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AlanForPresident 29/06/2012

JBL EON 518S : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"very good"

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This is a bigger sub with a power amp and stereo blanced outputs and not to mention the switch able high pass filter that can really get the job done. We make a lot of music with a lot of low end baselines and thump. So we always are in need of a woofer that can handle those low end sounds and thumps. This sub is only 500 watts but it feels like its much more and when you hook it up to your existing system it will just fit perfect you will think it all came together in one package. You will get a great low end sound out of this even playing those really really low sub bass tones that most subs cant even pick up this can pick them up perfectly. We even do mixes of our songs specifically for this sub because we know that when we perform we want some of those low ends on our drops to just pop out and take control of the whole song and the JBL EON 518S allows us to achieve that without any problems. I am very pleased with the quality of the 518’s and I find myself recommending them to so many different people who make music with a lot of low end it them.

The low end is thick and clean, so if you have a hardstyle kick and low bass notes you will need a sub woofer like this one that can get the job done, the sound carries really well no matter where you are in or outdoors with this sub. I highly recommend at least trying it. It is also very affordable , its more affordable than most other subs and sounds better than most. I have used better subs than this one, but for price and quality you wont get any better.