Mackie SRM1801
Mackie SRM1801

SRM1801, Active subwoofer from Mackie in the SRM series.

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JimboSpins 21/01/2013

Mackie SRM1801 : la opinión de JimboSpins (content in English)

"Best in this price range"

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The SRM1801 is a powered sub woofer that puts out 1000 watts of booming low end sound. It is very portable and light weight. Every since this sub has been added to one of our set ups our low end sound has become very clean, even when pumped up to max levels. This is the perfect bass woofer for smaller venues and clubs. I do not recommend using it in a bigger space or an outdoor space because I don’t feel like it sounds as good.
We originally purchased this back in 2010 and have used it probably over 30 times now for smaller clubs and venues. This sub has a low frequency filter and it also has a high pass filter that will let you run it to your main amplifier without the need to have an extra crossover. For the money this will be the best sub woofer that you can purchase. Mackie has many great subs but most of them cost a good amount of money so I was actually surprised to see them come out with a woofer that was affordable for anyone and still had a great sound with amazing features.
Another thing that surprised me with this woofer is how light it is, I did not expect it to be anywhere close to as light as it is. I have no problem getting this in and out of the storage unit and to shows via our van. The frequency response is 50Hz to 115 Hz. This 18 inch woofer is well worth the money, and out of all of my years being a DJ, sound engineer and “roadie” I have not heard many other woofers that can compete with the sound of the Mackie SRM1801 (in this price range). This woofer is a must have for any DJ who needs to add some boom for their sets.