Korg Pitchblack
Korg Pitchblack

Pitchblack, Afinador from Korg belonging to the Pitchblack model.

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badgerific 13/04/2011

Korg Pitchblack : la opinión de badgerific (content in English)

"Sell Boss buy Korg."

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This is a tuner pedal made by Korg with the following features:

-True bypass so that the tone of your signal chain is left unaffected when the pedal is not engaged

-Four types of display mode: Full Strobe, Half Strobe, Meter and Mirror

-Bright LED display which is easy to use in sunlight, under stage lights or no light at all

-Tuning range from E0 to C8

-Powered by 9V power supply or battery and has 9V out so can be used to power other pedals

-Accurate to plus or minus one cent

-Can be calibrated between 436Hz and 445Hz in 1Hz steps

-Strong die cast aluminum case which should last years of touring

-Only has chromatic tuning mode unlike the Boss TU-2

-Footswitch is easy to press and makes no popping sound when turned on or off, mechanically or electrically which is quite a nice features as all other footswitches like these tend to produce some sort of sound.

After owning a Boss TU-2 for a few years and then trying out a few Pitchblack tuners I have decided that I need to sell my Boss and buy a Pitchblack. I find the display on the Pitchblack to be much more pleasant and is true bypass so it doesn't color the tone when it's not engaged like the Boss does. Another reason is that it's also much more accurate than the Boss model. I have also found that the Korg Pitchblack doesn't have a lag between playing a note and displaying how in tune it is unlike the Boss TU-2 unit, this is quite important for me as quick tuning on stage is an essential feature for any tuner that I use. The only other tuner in this price range that I'd consider is the TC Electronics Polytune but as I have no use for the polyphonic tuning feature then I feel the Korg Pitchblack is definitely the best choice for me.