Korg CA-30
Korg CA-30

CA-30, Afinador from Korg.

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JeffTadashi 21/06/2012

Korg CA-30 : la opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)

"The perfect little tuner"

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The Korg CA-30 is a handheld, very portable chromatic tuner. It has a wide range of pitch detection, from C1 to C8, and it is ideal for virtually any instrument. It has both a guitar input (1/4 inch) and a microphone for pitch detection. The visuals on the pitch detection are great: it uses a virtual needle, which is very easy to follow. There are also three LED's across the top that help guide the pitch correction: a green correct LED, and a sharp and flat red LED's.

The calibration function allows the tuner to be calibrated to any pitch center. There are two dedicated buttons just for calibration up and down. Of course, the current pitch center is displayed on the screen as well (default would be 440 Hz).

There is also a sound generator function, which will play a basic tone of any of the twelve basic scale notes. It is fairly loud, but I personally don't find sound generators too useful. I would rather have a metronome function, which is absent from this compact device.

But overall, I find this tuner to work fantastically. It has great accuracy, and great pitch recognition, even in noisy environments. I've had no problem tuning acoustic guitars (without plugging them in), with the TV on, or people talking, and such. I've also used it on bass guitar, and violins, all with no problems. I can even sing into it, and test my singing accuracy, with no problems. I love the simplicity of the tuning mode as well; other tuners have guitar or bass modes, but I find them a bit pointless. A chromatic tuner, which can detect any pitch, can work for any application.

I would definitely recommend this tuner for anyone who needs a compact tuning solution. You can even put this device on a pedalboard for guitar players. Go pick one up today!