Tascam TG-7
Tascam TG-7

TG-7, Afinador from Tascam.

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JeffTadashi 23/05/2012

Tascam TG-7 : la opinión de JeffTadashi (content in English)

"Portable metronome that does it all"

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The Tascam TG-7 is a tuner, metronome, and pitch pipe (tone generator), all in one convenient, versaitile package. It is small, yet it has both a 1/4 inch output and input, perfect for guitar rigs. It also has a built in microphone, for tuning any acoustic instruments.

There are several tuning modes: Guitar, Bass, Chromatic, Drop D, Drop G, Open D, Open G, and up to five user-definable scales. For me, this seems a big excessive; I would simply stick with the chromatic tuner, and it will easily work with all of my guitar tunings, and other instruments, such as violin. There are even a few options for tuning modes, such an normal, fine, and even old-fashioned strobe tuning. The display is very long and narrow, which is perfect for fine tuning. At the top, there are marks (in the plastic casing) for -50 cents and +50 cents, which is helpful, but in the fine tuning mode, these are not accurate (the fine tuning works from -25 to 25 cents, I believe). Regardless, the tuning works great!

The metronome is the main reason I purchased this unit. With the built-in speaker, the device has a pretty average tone for an electronic metronome, and it also creates a visual that is easy to follow, in case you can't hear the beep. And that is a problem; with louder instruments such as electric guitars, it is impossible to hear the metronome beep. Even when I plugged the metronome output into my PA system, the beep still seemed barely audible. The beeping noise cannot be altered, and it is a bit harsh as well. Great practice tool, but for my band practice, I generally use the metronome on my phone, which has many options for metronome sounds.

Overall, this is a wonderful little tool that does a little bit of everything, and for the price I paid for it on sale ($20), it is well worth the price.