Tascam TG-7
Tascam TG-7

TG-7, Afinador from Tascam.

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MountAnDewMe 07/08/2012

Tascam TG-7 : la opinión de MountAnDewMe (content in English)

"I got a cool metronome when I wanted a backup tuner."

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I usually troll the major music web sites for clearance or one day sales so I can add neat things to my collection and tack on accessories to make up an order big enough for free shipping. The Tascam TG-7 happened to be one of those items. My Boss tuner had recently died after many years of service and I figured at $7 how could I go wrong? The unit was a touch smaller then I figured and I thought it would end up taking up space in a guitar compartment until I actually dove into it.

The tuner operates a bit different than other tuners in this group. It has four separate modes for viewing and I found that while three were simply more accurate or faster tracking variations of the regular needle mode that the fourth had a flowing nature that made tuning the lower frequencies a bit easier than usual. We all know that from the initial string hit through its vibration the tone can lower a few cents. This flowing meter made it easier to get those lower notes in tune than its predecessor. Of course the tuner can be set for guitar, bass, or chromatic modes and like many others has 1/4" input and output jacks.

My favorite part of this tuner however is the metronome mode. Unlike most tuner that throw a metronome in this one had many useable functions. It can be set for many various beat patterns as well as full controll over the tempo. The longer than usually display has a sweep pattern that is easily seen. It also offers a fairly good beep level to accentuate the pattern and it has a large box in the center of the sweep where you would normally tune to to help with the inbetween beats.

It is a decent tuner and a very good metronome but the unit also offer a backlight to illuminate the display and it also allows the user to set the proper viewing angle of the display, which has a large viewing angle in any mode. It also has a built in stand in its back and is the most wonderful fit on a music stand because of its shape. I thought the $80 regular price was a bit ridiculous when I ordered it but I quickly realized that I did get a steal on this unit. It is an indispensable little friend to me when I practice away from my DAW and it keeps my practices honest.