TC Electronic PolyTune - White
TC Electronic PolyTune - White

PolyTune - White, Afinador from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

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Prueba de la redacción
  • 12/03/10Prueba del PolyTune de TC Electronic

    Prueba del PolyTune de TC Electronic - Seis a la vez

    Una verdadera innovación en el mercado de los pedales de afinación para guitarrista, no es algo muy frecuente. Así que cuando TC Electronic anuncia el PolyTune, un pedal que permite visualizar la afinación de todas las cuerdas al mismo tiempo, tenemos curiosidad por saber cómo funciona...

Opiniones de usuarios
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La opinión de tjon901 (content in English)"Great Tuner if you arent using weird tunings"

TC Electronic PolyTune - White
The TC Electronic Polytune is something you do not see every day in the world of tuners. It is something different. The Polytune brings a new level of usability to the act of tuning your guitar. With the Polytune you tell the tuner what tuning you are using. It does E standard all the way down to B standard. Once this is setup you can just strum all the open strings at once and it will tell you which string is out of tune. This is great for gigs when you know something is off you can quickly strum all the strings and it will tell you which one is off. Another great feature for gigging is the auto adjusting brightness level. If you are at a dark gig the pedal automatically makes itself brighter so you can easily read what it is saying. You can use a needle tuner or a strobe tuner if you want ultimate accuracy. It has a thing called Monopoly where it can detect if you are playing 1 string or more than 1 string. If you are playing a single string it goes into single string mode and if you are playing more than one string it shows the set of strings. The pedal is true bypass as well so it will not color your tone when it is in your line. You can power it by a battery or a 9v DC connection like most every other pedal and it is super small so it will not take up much room in your pedal board. If you are still using a simple old tuner in your rig you can do yourself a favor and upgrade to the TC Electronic Polytune. It is pretty much a game changer when it comes to tuners. It can do it all and has more features than you can shake a stick at.
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La opinión de darkwolf291 (content in English)"Great Tuner"

TC Electronic PolyTune - White
This is very simple to use. Just plug it in, strum all of the strings, check which ones are out of tune, tune 'em up, and continue playing what you were playing. It can do tuning all the way from E flat to B standard, and is accurate within +/- 0.5 cent, which is amazing. It can tune from 435 to 445 hertz, for those of you who like tuning to something other than concert pitch. It remembers what Tuning, tuning mode, and pitches you use the most, to make it even easier to tune up fast and to quickly check your tuning mid-set. It has a Strobe tuner to show you even the tiniest change in pitch, and a needle tuner for those of you who prefer the standard tuner's view. This is an essential pedal for every pedalboard. A Tuner is, in my opinion, the most important part of anyone's board. Making sure you're in tune, whether playing live, recording, just jamming with friends, or practicing by yourself, is one of the most important things in guitar, and this makes it even easier to tune, and stay in tune. The ability to check all of your strings' tuning all at once makes things even faster and easier to tune. I think it's a great option on a tuner. All in all, this is one of the fastest, easiest to use, and most accurate tuners available. It's a must have for everyone's pedalboard in my opinion. In my opinion, it's one of the best tuners available, second only to the Turbo Tuner. Tuning with this is fast, simple, and easy, which is what you want in a tuner. This tuner is everything you'd want and more in a tuner. This is an awesome tuner for an awesome price.
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La opinión de loudfunk (content in English)"Every pedal board should have one..."

TC Electronic PolyTune - White
The Polytune is a stomp box size tuner that lets you tune your guitar or bass either in the conventional way. Where you can select the display to function like a strobe or needle chromatic tuner. Or as a polyphonic tuner where you strike all six strings, or 4 or 5 on bass at once and the display will show which strings are in tune, sharp or flat.
This is super handy when between songs you just want a quick check that your guitar is still in tune.
This replaced my Peterson Stobostomp on my board, which replaced my Korg tuner I used before that which had Buzz Feiten offsets programmed into it.

In addition to the regular in/out 1/4 inch jacks, on/off switch, and 9 volt power supply jack you'll also find a DC power out jack to daisy chain power into the next pedal when you use an external power supply, plus the 2 soft buttons. One is to switch between needle and stream/strobo mode, the other to drop the tuning up to five semi tones. Comes in handy to use the polyphonic tuning function if you tune to Eb or D instead of the regular E tuning. To calibrate the tuner you push both soft switches and then can calibrate from 435 Hz up to 445 Hz.

The display brightness auto adjusts depending on how light or dark the stage is. The one down side is that the polymode only works with standard guitar tuning, so open G, DADGAD, Open E type tunings you have to check in chromatic tuner mode.
I'm running the tuner on the tuner out of my Ernie Ball volume pedal and leave it turned on. When I rock the pedal back my volume is muted but I still have signal going to the tuner. Checking and fixing your tuning between songs this way takes a fraction of the time it took with conventional tuners.

Battery compartment is accessed via the thumb screw on the bottom.