Yamaha YT-250
Yamaha YT-250

YT-250, Afinador from Yamaha.

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moosers 05/07/2010

Yamaha YT-250 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Yamaha YT-250 is a simple chromatic tuner that can be used with any sort of stringed instrument. It's really simple in make up, so even those looking for their first tuner should be able to catch on quickly here. It has 1/4" connections for your input and output, as well as a built in microphone for using this with an acoustic instrument. It's probably better to plug your instrument in if you're able to, but the microphone works just fine as well. The YT-250 has three buttons on it for mode, pitch, and note, so you are able to sound a note if you'd like to tune by ear. The screen has a handy meter for showing you exactly where you are in relation to the note you're trying to tune to. In general, it's really just got all the basic features of a tuner and nothing else really to write home about. It's definitely not the best tuner for using during a live show or anything like that, as it's really intended for use during practicing and maybe for recording. You wouldn't really be able to see it in the dark, so definitely stick to using this at home. We have one of these on hand in the recording studio that I work at, although it's usually not the first choice for tuning. The bottom line with the Yamaha YT-250 is that even though it's not the best or most in depth tuner out there, it does the job at the end of the day. Yamaha certainly has experience when it comes to making musical instruments and accessories, so if you're in the market for an inexpensive, but effective tuner for your guitar or other stringed instrument, the YT-250 should be on your list of tuners to look into.