IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb
IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb

Classik Studio Reverb, Software algorithmic reverb from IK Multimedia.

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songboy 24/01/2010

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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All four of the plugins that came with this package work perfectly well with Logic 9 and Ableton 8.  I have not needed to reference the manual so far.  All of the plugins share the same looking interface.  All of the knobs on each are very easily accessible.  The nice thing is that you can select between an advanced parameter selection or easy parameter selection (far less options and therefore easier to use).  In "Easy" mode, it is very easy to setup and configure a good sound.  Advanced is obviously more difficult but great if you want to do some deep editing. 


The software works great on my Macbook with the earlier mentioned DAW's.  As for stability, all four plugins have never crashed and always retain presets and the settings that I left them in.  These are great sounding reverbs.  Very realistic and with all four options, you get pretty much all the reverb options you could use.  I give it a 10 out of 10.  I have been using this plugin for about 9 months.


What I like most about this package is that you get four separate types of reverb that pretty much cover most if not all of the reverbs you will need for a very sweet mix as well as live implementation (the "Inverse" is a new favorite for drums and vocals).  Another thing I like is that the units are designed to look like hardware gear which makes it easy for me to use (I have used hardware gear for many years before making the jump into software).  There is not much I don't like about these reverbs.  They sound great for software plugins and are very easy to use.  I think I paid a little over $200 for the whole package which is pretty expensive, but I am happy with the purchase.  I some day want to purchase some very high end reverb Hardware, but these will hold me over until then.  I use the "Space Designer" in Logic 9 often, probably more than this package, but I still come to it for some tracks, especially drums.  Also, because "Space Designer" is Logic only, the CSR plugins are my go to reverbs in Ableton 8.  Because there is no better option in Ableton 8 for Reverb, I would definitely buy this package again.