Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK
Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK

DC10 DC-BRICK, Alimentación para Pedal from Dunlop.

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Hatsubai 28/01/2012

Dunlop DC10 DC-BRICK : la opinión de Hatsubai (content in English)


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People have been looking for alternatives to the Voodoo Lab power supply for quite awhile. However, none of them have really come close to what Voodoo offers at their price point. Dunlop decided to try their hand at it, but I really think they dropped the ball on this thing. The DC Brick is meant to power your pedals, and it does exactly that. However, it has one major flaw, and that’s that each of the sources are not isolated. In the Voodoo Lab version, all of the inputs are isolated, so you get clean and pure power. With this one, it can induce a lot of noisy. In fact, it’s nothing but a glorified One-Spot, to be honest.

The pedal itself is nice and compact, so there’s no real issues when it comes to how much space it takes up. It also comes with all of the cables you need, so no issues there. It powers up the pedals fine, just like other power management systems out there, and it’s cheap. Those are about the only good things you can say about this thing. If you’re in the market for a solid power supply, just get the Voodoo Lab model. You’ll be much happier, it’ll be quieter, and it can do more. I find that the Voodoo one is much more versatile. If you ever get offered one of these, politely decline. If you can’t afford the Voodoo one, just get a One-Spot and start daisy chaining until you can afford to buy the Voodoo one. If you got a lot of money and space, you can look into the new CAE power supply. That’s an amazing one, but it costs quite a bit of money. Skrydstrup can also build you a real solid one, but that’s only for those guys over in Europe, as his prices are a bit out of hand for those of us here in North America.