T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic
T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic

Fuel Tank Classic, Alimentación para Pedal from T-Rex Engineering in the Fuel Tank series.

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moosers 09/08/2009

T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic is a handy little device used for powering up your guitar pedals.  It has a really easy to follow make up and is even easier to set up and to use.  It is built like a brick and will definitely last a while as long as you don’t do anything crazy to it.  While they designed this for use with T-Rex pedals of course, it will power up any pedals that require a nine volt power supply and will power up to eight of them at a time.  It will also power a few other pedals that require 12 volt power, which is a really cool feature that isn’t seen on other products like this one.  It simply has a jack for a standard power chord and eight outputs to send power to your pedals and that’s really all that there is to setting this up.  While this will work with all sorts of pedals that need nine volt power, I would really only recommend it to those who use T-Rex pedals because it will of course work best with them and seems silly to use it to only power other brands of pedals because there are other cheaper options out there for lets say powering Boss pedals.  Even though I wouldn’t buy it just to use it with other types of pedals, it will definitely work fine if you decided to do so, I just like to make sure there would be no compatibility issues before I make a purchase like this, which isn’t to say that I think that there would be problems because it should work fine.  The only downfall of this unit, as is the case with the T-Rex pedal line is that it is a bit pricey.  However, this is a very well designed power supply and works great for powering up your guitar rig.