T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic
T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic

Fuel Tank Classic, Alimentación para Pedal from T-Rex Engineering in the Fuel Tank series.

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LordRiffenstein 01/04/2011

T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Classic : la opinión de LordRiffenstein (content in English)

"Good quality power supply"

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I bought the Fuel Tank Classic to power my Line6 wireless. The wireless needs 500mA, otherwise you will have issues. I was using a Boss adaptor that was rated at 500mA but it wasn't working out so I contacted T-Rex about the Fuel Tank. They told me the 9v outputs actually can handle more than 500mA so I should have no problem. And they were right, I got it, installed it in the rack and it has performed flawlessly ever since and the wireless works perfect. Excellent customer service from T-rex, even before I bought the unit!!

I'm only using one output but the Fuel Tank can do a lot more, it's also nice to have the additional 12v AC or DC output. The 9v outputs are NOT isolated so you could have some issues with it but it depends on your needs. The Fuel Tank comes with a number of cables to hook up your pedals and you can always order more or special cables! They even include a daisy chain cable so you can hook up 5 pedals to 1 of the outputs, good thinking on their part!

When using it on your board, make sure to test it out with your pedals because some of them need to be on isolated outputs. If you don’t have this problem, the T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic is a very good unit for the price. Another thing to keep in mind is the max rating of 500mA. A typical pedal only uses 20-40mA so you shouldn’t have a problem there but make sure to check this before you overload the Fuel Tank! The build quality is excellent for sure, I have mine in a rack so it’s not seeing the abuse of a pedalboard but it’s a pretty sturdy, metal, box so I don’t expect any issues.