Tascam VL-S21
Tascam VL-S21

VL-S21, Altavoz Multimedia from Tascam.

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moosers 25/03/2008

Tascam VL-S21 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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I've had my Tascam VL-S21 for about 6 months now and I really like the sound of these. Let me say first that I have a pair pf Yamaha NS-10Ms for mixing and primarily use my Tascams to listen to mixes on a separate pair of speakers and for just general computer and music speakers. It has a real full sound and I love the sleak design it has. Although I would prefer to have another set of studio monitors to listen to mixes on, this does the trick at a price that is unbeatable. I do notice that because of the sub woofer it does have a heavy low end to it that doesn't always show up on other sets of speakers, for this reason I never mix with these. All in all I'm very happy with these speakers for what I use them for, but if you are looking for some studio monitors to do mixing on, I would suggest that you spend a few more dollars and get a set of true studio monitors so you can get a fuller and more realistic response from your monitors as these do color the sound a bit.