PRX615M, Altavoz PA Amplificado from JBL in the PRX600 series.

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AlanForPresident 29/06/2012

JBL PRX615M : la opinión de AlanForPresident (content in English)

"suprised us"

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The JBL PRX 615 M speakers are 1,000 watts at 15 inches and has a low frequency driver with a range of 45 hz to 19khz’s each. The best thing about these speakers is that they are very easy to carry, they might look heavy but taking them around with you will cause no problems because they just look heavy but they really arent. Also, just because they arent heavy doesn’t mean they arent good, in fact they are very good . The PRX 615 M by JBL are light in weight but have a huge sound that can carry on in a medium size club. They can handle a little bigger crowd than expected and they also look great on stage.

The sound that comes out of them is crystal clear and the low end is amazing. We do have some semi bass heavy songs that we do when we get into our experimental trance live stuff and I can saw when we are rocking out those thick baselines that wobble, the PRX 615 can not only handle it with a breeze but it can put it out very clear without any distortion or problems. I can tell that the crowd loves these speakers without them saying it. We have been using this for about a year and half now and will continue to use them for certain venue’s. I don’t recommend using them outside though if you are gigging out doors because when the sound travels out of these it seems to go wide and disappear. Its not as good quality of sound as it is when it is indoors. Just something to remember, we take our monitors very serious because they are what makes the band or performer sound good. Try out the JBL PRX 615’s you wont be upset with your choice to use them in medium size venues.