Mackie SR 1530
Mackie SR 1530

SR 1530, Altavoz PA Full Range from Mackie.

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moosers 24/08/2010

Mackie SR 1530 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Mackie SR 1530's are a set of loudspeakers for use in venues and for using as a public address system. These are two really large speakers, and they can get super loud if you want them do. The sub woofer speaker is 15 inches and there is a smaller, 6 inch speaker for mid and high range to go along with an even smaller 1" compressor driver. These speakers are quite bulky and heavy, and need two people to move. The recording studio that I work at has a set of these for live shows that we sometimes put on. It's usually not for a huge audience, but we need something that's loud enough to get the job done, as these do the job for us just fine. I've only been to a few of the little shows that have been put on while using these speakers, but I was definitely pretty impressed with the type of sound that was coming from them even in a smaller environment. We only had these 1530's up with a set of monitors for the band and that was it. They sound really full with a lot of low end, which is no doubt due to the huge 15" low frequency speaker that it has! I don't know the price that the studio paid for these, but I would imagine that it was pretty reasonable since we really only use these once and and while. Mackie makes all type of sound products, most of which I've used in the form of studio speakers and mixers, but it does seem like they have a good amount of gear for live sound as well. While I'm not an expert on loudspeaker monitors in the least, the Mackie 1530's have a nice a full sound that are worth checking out if you want a good pair of PA speakers without spending too much money.