Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)
Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms)

G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms), Altavoz para Guitarra from Celestion belonging to the G12 Century Vintage model.

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myriam63660_en 27/03/2008

Celestion G12 Century Vintage (8 Ohms) : la opinión de myriam63660_en (content in English)


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- The century has a cutting sound: bass are not huge but very defined, mids scooped and good treble frequencies.
- until now i had two V30 in my 2x12 mésa vertical rectifier, i like the warm tone they provide, but i wanted more bite for my heavy distorsion patchs so i swaped one of the V30 for a century vintage. The century vintage sounds not as huge as the V30, but it has more clarity and definition.
- I think that a 100% century vintage cab would best match for agressive métal, with heavy gauge strings and heavylly detuned guitars.
- and last, the century vintage weights three times less than a V30.