Celestion G12H Anniversary (8 Ohms)
Celestion G12H Anniversary (8 Ohms)

G12H Anniversary (8 Ohms), Altavoz para Guitarra from Celestion belonging to the G12H Anniversary model.

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M Elise 02/12/2008

Celestion G12H Anniversary (8 Ohms) : la opinión de M Elise (content in English)


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I have the Avatar Hellatone version of the speaker which is the same speaker only somewhat broken in when you buy it new. It is a 12 inch 30 watt Celestion speaker and is available in 8 and 16 ohms . I love this speaker. The speaker sounds smooth and the frequency range that comes through is wide. The speaker emphasizes the lower mid frequencies and lets very high frequencies through. It lacks pronounced upper mids and can lack presence and could potentially prevent your guitar from cutting through a complex mix but it still sounds great by itself. The speaker sounds good when pushed and does not begin to sound harsh when played loudly. To me this speaker definitely prefers to be used in a closed back cabinet. However I have used it in an open back Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue and it can work good there as well even though it takes some of the "Fender" out of the sound. This is due to its being a British sounding speaker that needs a closed back cab to help supply some of its punch and a rounded bottom end. This speaker is the classic choice for 70s heavy rock sounds. It sounds great in a closed back cabinet with 70s style distortion playing through it and delivers a warm meaty bottom end. I have also used the speaker along with a Celestion Vintage 30 in a Marshall cab. These two speakers compliment each other well because the Vintage 30 produces the upper frequencies that the G12H30 lacks and vice versa. Together they provide a full wide frequency range. I have also compared this speaker to the Celestion G12T75 which is found in countless stock Marshall cabs since the 80s. These speakers are entirely different and tend to sound hard and scooped. I do not particularly like the G12T75. Of all the Celestion speakers I've mentioned the G12H30s are easily may favorites. But I've learned that you never know what will work best with each particular combination of guitar/amp/cab/and speaker. When I play my semi-hollowbody Triggs 2 guitar with Alnico humbuckers through my Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue with volume on 10 through my Marshall 4x12 cab, the side of the cab with the G12T75s sounds better for some reason than the side with the G12H30s and Vintage 30. For clean sounds through the cab with a Fender amp the opposite is true. If I were playing through a Marshall amp I might feel differently because of that amps natural E.Q.. But if I could only have one of these speakers to play through inside the Deluxe Reverb cab it would definitely be the G12H30 because its so warm and smooth. It is one of my favorite speakers.