Jensen C12K-8
Jensen C12K-8

C12K-8, Altavoz para Guitarra from Jensen.

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mooseherman 21/05/2010

Jensen C12K-8 : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"A fantastic speaker"

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I recently have been doing some work on a Marshall combo I owned for years that has seen better days. I recently have replaced the speaker with this Jensen C12K. This actually came to my attention previously, with a Fender Twin amp. The cool thing about these speakers is that they don't drastically alter the sound that you are looking for. For me personally, all they did was eliminate some of the harsher high end and smooth out the tone. The midrange response was really something else. While it wasn't too midrange dominant, it certainly brought them out a little bit more, and with the Strat Twin combo I was using, that's a big difference. The Strat I have is really bright and to get more of the tone that comes with it out of that amp was really special.
I am really going to consider putting these in a few of my amps. While the tubes and pre's of each amp will differ, I wouldn't mind the speakers to have consistent tone. I think that they would do well in a Marshall amp, and I think that would actually allow it to resemble a Fender slightly more. Since I love the Marshall distortion but really love the Fender clean tone and warmth, I think that'll be killer.
Basically, these are phenomenal speakers, and you really can't go wrong with them. I'd say that no matter what you play, from really clean jazz to extremely heavy distortion, putting these speakers in the right kind of amp will be a good call.