Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000
Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000

Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000, Amplificador de Auriculares from Behringer in the Powerplay Pro series.

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AudioArtist 13/09/2012

Behringer Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000 : la opinión de AudioArtist (content in English)

"Does the Job"

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Overall, The Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000 is a good choice for the thrify engineer who may perhaps be looking to get more serious about recording larger groups or groups that insist on playing together to capture a more "live" feel. With 8 available outputs the HA8000 should be able to handle most applications.
For the price it is a solid value and performs as expected.
Obviously, the 8 outputs is a key selling point. It's rare that you'll ever need more than that, unless you're trying to record a very large group of musicians at once. Two inputs allows for two seperate headphone mixes in mono or a single mix in stereo. I personally just use a single mono mix just to simplify things and keep the workflow going. Anyone who expects a recording phase headphone mix to sound perfectly like a final mixed product ready for mastering is being unrealistic.
The overall quality of sound is what you would expect from Behringer, if not just a bit above. As long as you have all your gain staging set up properly the individual players will all have their own overall volume adjustment right there at their fingertips so it can actually; if you let the players control this stage themselves, save some time building a mix that everyone will be comfortable with.
In my experience, the HA-8000 has been quite clean enough, static and crunch wise, and has plenty of headroom to really drive a set of phones if needed for a louder group or a heavy hitting drummer. Of course, your choice in headphones will significantly impact the overall quality of sound that your players recieve.
I've used many different headphone amps over the years and I think that the HA8000 holds it's own well vs. some more expensive models. Behringer has stepped up their game over the years and they now are a reputable company in that they make solid "near pro" equiment at affordable prices.
I reccomend the Powerplay Pro-8 HA8000 to anyone looking for a good solid headphone amp.