Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub
Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub

Hear Back Hub, Amplificador de Auriculares from Hear Technologies.

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moosers 13/06/2010

Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub is part of the Hear Back headphone monitoring system designed for recording studios. You can’t use the hub on it’s own, as you need the headphone stations to go along with it, but this is the part of the system that connects everything together. The system has four stereo channels, all of which is routed through this hub and sent to the individual headphone boxes. There isn’t too much to know about the characteristics of the Hear Back Hub, as it’s a simple rack mountable piece of gear that will only take up a single space in a traditional rack casing. I don’t really know what the connections are in the back of this, beyond the Ethernet connections that are required to hook up the head phone boxes to this. I didn’t really need to look in the back of it as it was already set up and ready to go with the head phone boxes in a studio that I used to work at. While the Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub is built pretty well, this system as a whole isn’t my favorite out there. While it will get the job done as it did for us on many different sessions, it still wasn’t the most reliable piece of gear as it would sometimes be quirky. You’ll need the purchase the whole Hear Back system in addition to the Hear Back Hub if you’re interested in this system, but I’d probably recommend checking out some of the other headphone systems out there like those made by Furman and Mytek before committing. While the Hear Technologies Hear Back Hub and system in general will cost you a bit less than those that I just mentioned, if you’re running a studio where players are playing together on a regular basis, having a reliable headphone system is essential, so if it was me I’d spend a few extra bucks on the Mytek Private Q system or something in between the quality of this one and that…