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moosers 05/07/2010

Samson Technologies Q5 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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Samson Audio's Q5 is a simple, five channel headphone amplifier box to be used in the recording studio. It's a really basic box, but it's definitely nice that it has five channels, as it can be a one stop shop for headphones in a smaller recording studio. We've got one of these in one of the smaller studios in the studio complex where I work, and never even really need to use all five of the channels. On the front panel of the Q5, it's got five channels each with a 1/4" input for your headphones and a volume knob for each. It also has a button to choose either a mono or stereo feed, and an input volume knob. In the back it's got two sets of 1/4" connections - one stereo set for your inputs, and one stereo set for stereo linking. It's also got it's own power supply. The whole box is pretty small as well, and would definitely be easy to move from place to place if you wanted to. While five channels may not be necessary for home studios, if you're looking for a cheap enough option to have some extra channels just in case, this is probably the way to go. It won't change the sound quality at all, or at least it shouldn't in theory. Even if it isn't the cleanest signal, it's fine for monitoring during recording. Again, I'm not sure that five channels is really necessary in a small box like this, but it's nice to have anyway. There are a lot of headphone boxes to choose from, but not too many with five channels at this price. If you're looking for something with more flexibility per channel, this probably isn't the box for you, but if you're looking for quantity in terms of channels in a headphone box at a reasonable price, the Q5 is the perfect choice...