Samson Technologies S-phone

S-phone, Amplificador de Auriculares from Samson Technologies in the S Class series.

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songboy 19/01/2010

Samson Technologies S-phone : la opinión de songboy (content in English)


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What I like most about this thing is it does its job well and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  If you own a studio, then you definitely need to have a Headphone amp.  This thing does a great job at providing good sound and all the parameters you need to make sure all of the musicians are getting enough playback in their headphones.   There is really nothing wrong with this unit.  I am not crazy for Samson products, but this thing is really great and I got it used for $80.  I think they only cost $170 new, which is still not that bad.  For that price you get 4 channels to send headphone outputs from, all of which have there own little LED output meters, two band EQ's, mutes and the ability to send 3 headphone outputs per each of the four channels.  That means 12 pair of headphones can be run off this guy.  It also has two master stereo inputs, but I have only ever used one, haven't really figured out what I need the other one for, but it doesn't hurt to have options.   The quality of the sound seems to be just fine.  I certainly haven't noticed myself or had anybody else tell me these things sound bad.  Regardless, its not imperative that you have super good quality mixes going to musicians as they are recording.  As long as they can hear everything they need to, which they can with this unit, than whats the difference.  My Presonus Firepod and Firebox have a Headphone output on them and I have switched between all three when mixing a session and have noticed absolutely no difference.  Every studio I have been in so far has either one of these, a Behringer or another "cheap brand" headphone mixer, so I am guessing that they feel the same way I do.  In my experience with behringer though, I definitely recommend the Samson, Behringer stuff always seems to break on me after a few years.  Yes, I would definitely buy this again if I needed to.  If you don't own a headphone amp and you are running a studio, then you need one (although you probably all ready figured that out) and this one is a great buy for a great price.