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bpmccauley1 16/10/2008

Crate CA6110DG : la opinión de bpmccauley1 (content in English)


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There is absolutely nothing bad that I can say about this amp. When I was shopping for a new acoustic amp I was pretty much convinced that I wanted a Fender SFX II. So I went to the local shop and started playing around with one. I had the first SFX amp and really liked it. Well for some reason I wasn't that impressed with the SFX II, it was a tonal issue, I couldn't get a sound that I liked from it, everything seemed too twangy, no matter what I did. So I played the other Fender acoustic amps, all were the same.
So, I tured to the Crate line. I've never been impressed with Crate. I owned a Crate PA, while inexpensive, it definitely didn't perform the way I thought it sould for the cost. But I was wrong about the acoustic amps. I started with the most expensive the Telluride but wasn't impressed with some of the options and worked my way down. I got to this amp and fell in love. It has 60 watts of amazing power, 2 channels that accept either a 1/4" or XLR cable (The Telluride didn't), an amazing array of output options including and external speaker out which is amazing and a direct line out with ground lift.
The external speaker out really impressed me. I thought that at most it would power an additional 12" speaker. I was wrong, I hooked up a Yamaha BR15M and it sounded amazing and had no power issues so I hooked up the other one as well and the same thing. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even have the master volume up that much and I had an incredible sound.
This amp also come with a footswitch for the effects and feedback supresion. You can program the effects if you like and use the footswitch to control them, a very nice feature. The effects sound great as well.
It also comes with RCA inputs for hooking up an iPod or CD player. I've never used it but I would have no doubts given how this amp performs that it would sound great.
This truely is an amazing amp. I often times for coffee shop gigs only use this and leave my PA at home. I has amazing power and an incredible sound.
If you are looking for a great acoustic amp buy this one and save yourself some money, it may not look like much but you will definitely be amazed when you plug into it.


This is one of the easiest amps that I've used. Everything is really straight forward, I'm not even sure why they include a manual with it. Again this amp sounds amazing, save yourself some cash and buy this one.


I could't have found a better amp for my musical style, the sound from this amp is really clear and vibrant. It reproduces exactly what your guitar or voice sounds like, which is really important to me. I don't often use the effects, I'm a kind of bare-bones player, but when I do they sound really amazing. It also has a contour for the MID in the EQ which is really nice for fine tuning the sound.


I've used this amp for about 6 months and I wish I would have been using it alot earlier. It is light, compact, and delivers a massive punch. Like I said I tried several amps before this one and it is by far the best.
The price is right. Go out and buy it.