Marantz PM 350
Marantz PM 350

PM 350, Amplificador de Hi-Fi from Marantz.

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craigrpeters 24/11/2013

Marantz PM 350 : la opinión de craigrpeters (content in English)

"Still Love It"

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What I like most/least?

I bought this amp as part of my first quality "separates" system right out of high school, and almost 30 years later I still use it to power my outdoor sound system pool-side. Think about that - this unit is still going strong after 30 years and has never required repair. How many modern day amps would last half that long?! Even though its rated at only 40W (with 8 ohm speakers) this amp has plenty of power. In fact I got kicked out of my first apartment because of this system! LOL

Only thing I don't like are missing features compared to modern units, in particular remote control. I've connected a Apple Airport to the Aux In which gives me at least some remote capabilities via "iDevices".

Precision and quality of sound?

I'm not an audiophile, and have no complaints about the sound of this amp. There is no ability to have separate settings for each input, etc. like modern amps would have and especially when switching from my Marantz ST-450 tuner to the Apple Airport I sometimes miss that feature. But that's an input issue, not an issue with the amp itself.

Try other models?

Back in 1982 yes. I'd say this component set was mid-range at that time as far as "separates" go. More recently I've used Denon and other mid/higher end amps. But they are much more complicated for my family to use.