Onkyo Integra A-9711
Onkyo Integra A-9711

Integra A-9711, Amplificador de Hi-Fi from Onkyo.

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rruyter 07/01/2010

Onkyo Integra A-9711 : la opinión de rruyter (content in English)


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I have used the 9711 together with Quadral Amun VI (Phonologue) speakers. Overall good sound, especially the lows and the mids are excellent. The highs are also good, but transients sound a bit 'rounded'. I have put a lot of effort in improving transient behaviour.

In my tuning and listening trials I finally settled with Van den Hul TEATRACK HYBRID ( http://www.vandenhul.com/p_C26.aspx ) for the speaker cables and Nordost flatline interconnects. This improved transient response and made instrument position much better.

I encountered the same problem with the degradation of one channel as described in the previous review. In my case it was the right channel. I replaced the volume control circuitry and the input selection circuitry, but without succes. Than I found a service manual for the 9711 and tried the prescribed adjustification of the bias current setting. That did the trick, both channels are working well again.