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bpmccauley1 12/10/2008

Nady XA-300 : la opinión de bpmccauley1 (content in English)


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I bought this power amp because I was low on cash and I needed something to power my stage monitors in a pinch. I had planned on getting something better in the future but after using it at a few shows I've decided to keep it.
This is a great amp for the price 300 watts for under $100!! I have it powering 2 15" Legion monitors and the pwer coming from them is better than I had expected. I don't even have to turn the power up over half way for my monitors to do the job.
To be honest I did not shop around when I bought this amp. I like said I needed something cheap and I needed it fast. I'm glad though that I didn't shop around because I probably would have purchased something more expensive and wasted my money. Not to mention it is super light compared to some of the other power amps that I've used. It is kind of a nice change of pace when you are packing everything up after a show and you go to pick it up expecting it to be heavy and you practically throw it into the ceiling because it is so light.
It comes with some great features as well. Like a 3 speed fan to cool it and it has overload protection on each channel as well.
I'm really happy with this spur-of-the-moment purchase. I definitely got lucky with this one.
If you are looking for a cheap power amp, this is the one for you!