QSC RMX 5050
QSC RMX 5050

RMX 5050, Amplificador de Potencia de 2 Canales from QSC in the RMX series.

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mrbrock1 20/01/2013

QSC RMX 5050 : la opinión de mrbrock1 (content in English)


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Hello everybody, i am an electronic Technician so i would like to comment on QSC AMPLIFIER RMX series..i made some research on rmx series i even opened the rmx 5050 to watch the inside component the rmx series is not a solid amplifier like USA series..the component is too small as it is very fragile ,the rmx series does not have any relay it has only fuse protection.i have watched the schematic diagram and it has not a good protection .