Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two
Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two

Two Fifty Two, Amplificador de Potencia from Fryette Amplification.

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loudfunk 27/03/2011

Fryette Amplification Two Fifty Two : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"My favorite power amp..."

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Stereo 50 watt per side tube power amp. Runs with 2 pairs of EL34. And 2 sets of 12AX7 and 12AU7 for phase inverter and driver stage of each channel.
Front panel has power switch as well as separate controls for each Channel's Volume, Presence and Depth controls, Input Level and Voicing switches, Class A/AB and Standby switches.
Rear has inputs, 2 sets of speaker outs, impedance selectors for both channels.


Simple enough, it's a power amp. When you're feeding a mono signal you can run it as a mono,dual mono set up.

The fan speed kicks in when in Class A mode since the amp will run hotter.

I use this in my rack for either/and/or amplifying the Axe-Fx or loading my old Marshalls or my THD Flexi 50 down and then amplifying the line level signal. And of course when I use a wet/dry set up with my amps.
I usually run it either with THD ported 2x12 cabs with Celestion heritage Golds or G12H-65 or 4x12 with Greenbacks on top and Vintage 30 on bottom, or THD 4x12s with a X-pattern Classic Lead 80/Vintage 30 speakers.


The base sound of this power amp is amazingly enough very much like running a pre-amp through the power stage of my fave old Marshall. Driven hard enough there will be enough grit to make even the staunchest purist happy.
Amazingly enough there are a few bells and whistles on this amp that make it a sonic gem.
You have in addition to the depth control that lets you adjust the how loose or tight the speaker is and how much bottom you sent into it actually a voicing switch that will extent the lower mids and top frequencies. The presence control will add dirt on the higher settings in addition to more top end like it does on an old Marshall.
The Class A/AB switch will also change the sound to a more harmonically rich sound, that feels different.


First of the power amp I had before was rated 90 watts with 6L6s and can't keep up with this. Actually the 50 watt per side is the Class A rating in A/B it's a 60 watter.
I've been using this power amp in my rack for years and it's very much one of the corner stones of my tone.