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moosers 21/04/2009

Bose intra : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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I've been using the Bose Intra in ear headphones for about a year and a half for listening with my iPod and I've found them to be a nice set of headphones. I got them at a discounted rate, so I decided to try them out and see if they were worth having. While I'm not 100% sold on the sound quality of the Bose Intras, as I find that the low end presence is a little bit much for my taste, they still do sound good and are definitely worth a try to see if you like the sound from them. I got sick of the standard Apple iPod headphones that just aren't comfortable and don't sound good at all, and these turned out to be a welcoming new pair of headphones that I could actually hear the full spectrum of what I was listening to. They are also pretty comfortable, especially when compared to the standard iPod headphones and the plastic caps come with a few different sizes to correctly fit your ear size. Like I stated before, I got a discount on these from a friend who worked at Bose, and I probably wouldn't have bought them otherwise because the normal price is pretty expensive. Bose makes some pretty good headphones, but most of them are too bottom heavy for my taste, with the Bose Intra in ear headphones included in that. If you are looking for a set of in ear headphones, I would definitely say that these are worth a try, but would also encourage those interested to look into some of the other options out there to compare them to, as these probably are not for everyone. Overall, the Bose Intras are a nice set of headphones that are bound to be popular because of their sleek design and the Bose name.