Philips SBC HP250
Philips SBC HP250

SBC HP250, Auriculares de Estudio from Philips.

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JayDMusic 18/01/2009

Philips SBC HP250 : la opinión de JayDMusic (content in English)


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This is a review of the Philips SBC HP250 Headphones. There's not much I can say about these headphones. They were my dad's and I inherited them from him. He was a major audiophile so I assumed that they would be pretty good headphones. They were.

When I got them, I realized how big the ear cups were. They're airy and comfortable, and fit snugly but not too tightly over one's ear. One drawback was the rigid plastic headset part that attaches the ear cups and goes over the top of your head. The only problematic part of this component was the part that physically attached to the ear cups. Multiple times I had accidentally put too much pressure, whether it be almost sitting on them or getting caught under a chair leg, this part was the most vulnerable part of the construction and eventually snapped. Though I don't expect headphones to survive Vietnam, I think that this part was a faulty piece in terms of design. However, if you generally take good care of your headphones, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

Another thing I noticed was how absolutely, devastatingly long the cord was. I mean, the cord was gigantic. One thing that I liked was that it wasn't one of those little dingy cords. It was a big, beefy cord and it was helpful to have so much slack. Also, the cord couldn't split under normal conditions. Take a pickaxe to the cord and you're going to slice it, but the cord was so well insulated and so rugged that it would be almost invulnerable to normal use. This was a plus because you can step on it, roll over it with a chair, get it caught under corners and such and it would still function great. Other headphones with thin cords are very prone to splitting and/or ripping in half or separating with the headphone jack at the end.

In general, these headphones were great. They were loud, but not too loud, bass-y, comfortable and versatile. Anybody who's a gamer and wants full stereo effect surrounding them, or anybody who just listens to music, I'd get these, especially for the low price of only $20. Cop them.