Shure SRH940
Shure SRH940

SRH940, Auriculares de Estudio from Shure in the SRH series.

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JimboSpins 08/10/2012

Shure SRH940 : la opinión de JimboSpins (content in English)

"don't buy these"

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The Shure SRH940 have a clean design to them and they are very comfortable to use. An engineer once told me about these headphones and we had a headphone discussion. The sound of them is not bad, but I do have some issues with the mids and the lows. The highs are pretty clean without giving you a headache. But the mids sound kind of compressed and don’t fill out the total sound. It almost sounds like its just highs and lows and no mids. The lows on the SRH940 are not clean enough for me, there is no depth to the bass and it sounds very flat. These headphones would be great for a mixing engineer or studio production but I only got them to DJ with and it was not going to work. They also seem to be very fragile and are not made out of strong material like I like my headphones.
I have used the Shure SRH940 for 2 months at the most and only used them about 3 times in those months before I decided to finally sell them back to the store and get something else. The value for the sound was not a good deal for me, the price was not that low and the quality just didn’t cut it.
Knowing what I know now I would not have wasted the time or money getting these headphones. I have used multiple different headphones from Shure and most of them are all very good. I do not know why the sound quality of these where so weak and downgraded from the previous SRH Model.

The comfort part was fine to me though, it was a comfortable fit on my head with and without a hat, they can fit different size and shaped heads just fine. I am not sure how long this headphones could hold up though after being used a lot because as I stated the material they where built with was not very stable and I think that after using these for a year at the most they will break just from being packed in with other gear.