Sony MDR-7502
Sony MDR-7502

MDR-7502, Auriculares de Estudio from Sony in the MDR series.

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BadApple 22/03/2011

Sony MDR-7502 : la opinión de BadApple (content in English)

"Pretty Good Headphones"

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These sony MDR 7502 headphones are very nice, they are very light weight and are pretty comfy.
I think that they are pretty good value for money but for what they are I would like to pay a little less in my opinion.
I have had a lot of headphones in the past and these do not stand out as the best ones that I have owned. I would say that there are a lot better headphones out there than these, I am not trying to put you off these headphones but definitely miss them out if you want some good dj headphones.
As I am a dj these headphones did not really fit when I was mixing, just something about them really aggravated me. They do come with a quarter inch jack adapter though so you can plug them into your mixer or anything like that, maybe your soundcard. I would not advise mixing down with these headphones if you do not have money for monitors as they are pretty lame when it comes to response.
Bass is ok sounding, but for me everything was very tinny sounding which I dislike being an audio freak like I am.
I would stay away from these headphones in my opinion but if you were in a shop and your headphones had broken and these were the only ones left I would pick them up definitely but if I had a choice I would not go for these at all.
As I said the quality of sound is very tinny but it does say they have a pretty decent frequency range on the box, I can not remember exactly what it is at the moment but I do remember that it was pretty good.
The value for price is ok I guess. They should be a lot cheaper in my eyes but its sony so they will charge you a little more just to make you think that you are buying something great.