Sony MDR-7509 HD
Sony MDR-7509 HD

MDR-7509 HD, Auriculares de Estudio from Sony in the MDR series.

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mooseherman 10/01/2011

Sony MDR-7509 HD : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Just a little too pricey for me"

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This is a studio headphone made by Sony. I like some pairs of their headphones but I've often found that their main drawback is that they break too easily. That is thankfully not the case with these, as they are built very well. They are primarily marketed as studio monitoring headphones, or live monitoring headphones for live sound engineers. However, they could realistically be used for regular music listening as well, just by using the appropriate adapter which will vary depending upon which system you are using to listen. I've used these primarily as a studio monitoring headphone which is, in my opinion, their best use, followed closely by live monitoring (they they don't always have enough isolation for that).
I like the clarity of the tone of these headphones. They are capable of being very balanced and can do a pretty good job of replicating the tone that is coming through to the monitors. They're not exact, in fact I haven't really used any headphones that perfectly replicate the monitors, but these come about as close as anybody else has to doing that. They're also really comfortable, which is important if you're working an 8 hour session. Even after an hour an uncomfortable pair of headphones can be a bother.
Mostly I'm concerned about the price. To be honest, you don't need crystal clear sound in the headphones, you just need it to be accurate enough to get the feel of the music down when using them. Performers won't necessarily notice the difference between these and a pair of Audio Technica studio headphones really, even though the Audio Technicas are about 80 to 100 dollars cheaper. I think that is mostly because of the Sony name, they think that they can jack the price up. Well honestly, that's a bad idea as informed buyers are going to look elsewhere. So while these are nice, I'd have to say that they're just a tad bit overpriced.